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If you’re experiencing severe toothache or gum pain, or you simply want to get a check-up, Positive Dental Health is ready to help.

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Many people only think to visit the dentist when they are in serious pain. This is unfortunate because a whole raft of problems can be prevented by getting regular check-ups – ranging from the painful and expensive, to the potentially life-threatening. For example, a dentist can identify oral cancer when it’s still in the early stages.

The solution is regular dental check-ups to address such issues as plaque build-up or one of the many periodontal diseases. But visiting the dentist is about more than maintaining healthy teeth – it’s about having a healthy life. Make a commitment to visit a dentist regularly to secure your dental health.

Regular Dental Check-Ups

Positive Dental Health provides complete oral examinations. Based on our findings, we provide the information needed to safeguard and protect your smile and improve your dental health. We also offer tips and advice to improve your dental health. We recommended a 6 to 12 monthly checkup, regardless of whether you are experiencing any dental symptoms.

Digital Radiographs

Radiographs are used to identify many dental problems. Since teeth are made up of hard tissue, just a visual examination is not sufficient to diagnose the problem. To accurately diagnose, various types and techniques of dental radiographs are taken. At Positive Dental Health, we have the latest equipment to provide digital dental radiographs to minimise the radiation. It is safe to have periodic dental radiographs as the radiation exposure is negligible compared to the benefit of early diagnosis. After examining your radiographs, we will advise you on the appropriate course of action.


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